Glossop Police Force came into existence on April 2 1867.

Glossop Borough Council formed a Watch Committee that levied a rate to fund the police force, including police wages, uniforms, equipment and buildings. A superintendant was paid £85 a year, a sergeant 25 shillings a week (£60 a year) and constables 21 shillings a week (just over £50 a year). The Watch Committee spent £1,000 on the Glossop Force in 1875, and the next year it agreed that a lockup could be built in Hadfield as long as it cost no more than £514.
In 1887, Ernest Charlton is recorded as being an Inspector of Police living in Albert Street, Hadfield.

The police also operated as fire-fighters; one police officer was a nominated fire-fighter but all officers were expected to help if there was a fire.

Glossop Police Force continued until 1947 when it was amalgamated with Derbyshire and became part of the division run from Buxton. Hadfield had police houses on Hadfield Road, and later on Merseybank Road where the police still have a base today.

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