Merseybank Merseybank House was owned by the Wilman family who bought Station Mill from Thomas and Edward Platt in 1923. Before this, Edward Platt lived at the house. He was a Justice of the Peace and was elected councillor in 1887. The Platt family were much involved in the local community, donating Hadfield Hall and reading room to the community; they also re-opened Padfield Independent Church, using a golden key!

In addition to being a residential house, Merseybank, like many large houses and hotels, was used as a convalescent home for wounded soldiers during the First World War.  Soldiers being treated in the home would have faced an arduous journey, with only the most seriously wounded taken back to Britain via a hospital ship, the less seriously wounded being treated either at a dressing station near the front line or at a casualty clearing station.

Merseybank Lodge further up the road (Merseybank Nursery) was used to keep the horses owned by the Wilman family. The lodge was later used to house a collection of classic cars. Ivan Bell, a Glossop resident, who worked for the Wilman family from the age of 14, says: "I worked at both Mersey Bank House and at the mill they owned. I remember working in the garden, helping the gardeners. One Christmas, the women who worked in the mill played a trick on me. They thought it would be funny to scrub me with a wire brush, presumably to get the grime from the mill off me. Luckily, I was quick on my toes in those days and managed to make a sharp getaway!"

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