The land for Hadfield Estate was sold to Manchester City Council by Mr Harrop, a local farmer. The building of the estate was a piecemeal affair, with the first houses completed on Etherow Way in 1962. The first residents moved in as houses and roads were still being built. Mrs Blair and her children were among the first residents, moving from east Manchester. She recalls: “I sent my children and husband ahead of me in a furniture van, whilst I tied up everything. Nine days after moving, I had my baby in our new dining room, and he was the first baby of the estate. My husband got a job working on the estate and we soon settled in. The estate was being built - the neighbours hadn’t had ovens installed so I cooked for them and make them flasks of tea.”

Mrs Kelly, who moved to Chapel Lane in 1963, recalls: “It was a totally different world to Manchester. The children were really excited about their garden and lovely new bedrooms. There were a lot of things to get used to; once I got on the wrong part of the train back from Manchester and ended up in Penistone in south Yorkshire. We also had a surprise when everything closed down during the Hadfield wakes. We soon found our feet and made a new life for ourselves. I got involved in the community and used the local shops. I remember a shop called Duckworths; the owner would deliver our grocery every Thursday and I would go up on Friday to pay him.”

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